example 1

*Miyazaki prefecture, Nobeoka city, Fishery products processing factory, Model CV-225N


Full production without troubles
Clean atmosphere within factory compound

Two sets of CV-225N are installed into the new factory. Designated for dried versions of sardines (katakuchi, urume, hirago) and marinated sardines (iriko, zatsubushi)
Five tons and six tons of production are possible for dried sardines and marinated sardines respectively. Operation has been free of troubles since installation.
The drying room using prefabricated house keeps the factory compound clean.

example 2

*Shimane prefecture, Yatsuka County, Fishery Y, Model CV-300NL

For frail drying at low temperature specification, maximizing the production of dried fish.


It has been installed specially for the drying of urume. The low temperature NL Series is tailored-made to dry oily urume.
Combined with an already installed H Series (Model CD-225), the production of dried fish is maximized with this system.

example 3

*Nagasaki prefecture, Shimabara city, Noodle production factory T,Model CV150ANSM

High reputation for quality that remains unchanged even in rainy, summer and winter season.

Operation panel

Other than its great taste, its beautiful whiteness and supple touch are evidence of its quality. A quality product that can only be produced in winter season using the conventional warm air system, CV150ANSM is installed in this new factory. Quality of the noodles produced remains unchanged even during the rainy season, summer and also winter time, and we are delighted to know that our customer is pleased with our system.

noodle making

example 4

*Tokyo, Food floor at the basement of T department store

compact Series

A great leap in the self-production industry.

A fish selling floor at the basement of department store that emphasize the concept of "Raw" "Natural" and "Fresh" food. The system is within the sight of customers.

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