Caters to low productivity needs in a compact size. Suitable for salted fish industries, fresh fish stores, supermarkets, hotels and souvenir shops.

[Special Features]
* Compact size with a wide range of functions
Adjustable temperature and drying time. Auto cooling after drying, small in size but big in performance.
* Realization of ideal operating costs
No fire is produced as heat pump is used, therefore ensure total safety. Low operating costs and good value for money.
* Installation zero
No installation hassle. Plug in and use. Make the most out of limited space.
* Easy operation with one touch
User-friendly operation with just one touch. In addition, system breakdown caution is installed for unforeseen circumstances, providing carefree environment.

[Cool Air Drying System, Compact Series (Compact Cooler Type)]
* Specification Table
Model CV-20AN CV-30AN
Dimension W x D x H ( cm) 295 x 120 x 184 320 x 140 x 184
Performance Dehumidifying Capability L/H 8.2 12.4
Power kW 3.16 3.98
Operating System Temperature Adjustment
Safety Device
Temperature Alarm
Drying operation ( 18 C -30 C)
Cooling operation ( 5 C) May vary by ± 0.5 C
High pressure switch and melting latch
* Assuming that temperature is 25 C and humidity 80% 60Hz, the dehumidifying capacity will be as shown

Model CV-05AN CV-10AN
Dimension W x D x H ( cm) 130 x 65 x 140 130 x 65 x 185
Performance Dehumidifying Capability L/H 2.0 4.1
Power kW 0.549 1.14
Operating System Temperature Adjustment
Safety Device
Drying operation ( 18 C -35 C )
Cooling operation ( 5 C)
High pressure switch and melting latch
Model CV-10AN
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