Hybrid of cool and warm drying. Extensive processing with larger quantity in lesser time. Powerful drying system built especially for simmer-drying.

[Special Features]
* Cost cutting is possible more than your expectation
Using vapour boiler, heat production is much smoother and top performance can be achieved with incredibly low cost. Also there is no need to worry about fire hazards.
* Wide range of temperatures gives additional value to the product
It is similar to NE systems which have a wider range of temperatures (18 C-40 C) as compared to conventional systems. Temperatures can be extremely precise with added market value as a plus. Of course, its handling capacity improves sharply.
* Incomparable operation functionality and durability
Starting and stopping operation with just the push of a button. Extremely convenient operation with powerful design.
* Installation of N models are also simple
Cool drying room can be easily installed. With aerofin steam heaters, air-induction dampers, exhaust shutters, etc equipped, circulation will be efficient and handling time will be shortened.

[NE Series (Cool and Warm Combined Model), Cool Air Drying System]
*Specification Table
CV-100NE CV-150NE CV-225NE CV-250NE CV-300NE
Dimension W x D x H ( cm) 170 x 90 x 245 220 x 90 x 245 260 x 110 x 245 280 x 120 x 245 440 x 90 x 245
Performance Dehumidifying Capability L/H 41 62 93 103 124
Power kW 19.6 25.3 31.4 34.5 44.5
Operating System Temperature Adjustment
Safety Device
Temperature Alarm
Drying operation ( 18 C -30 C)
Cooling operation ( 5 C) May vary by ± 0.5 C
High pressure switch and melting latch
* Assuming that temperature is 25 C and humidity 80% 60Hz.
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