Lower temperature than N model. Through years of rich experience in drying techniques, Asahi has further improved the N models. Drying is made possible using models with temperatures more than 10 degrees Celsius, namely high power and high grade types.

[Special Features]
A revolutionary system that enable stability of products manufacturing
Employing high efficiency dehumidifying systems and low temperature that even water molecules are not let slipped, thus producing high quality products. With the boom of low salt content food products, even dried sardines can be softly and deliciously produced.
* Powerful radiator as standard setup
For cooling setups, powerful radiators are part of a basic setup. Using low temperature drying, soft good products of high yield can be made.
* More options that increase efficiency
By adjusting the wind speed and humidity environment, the precise warmness of drying process can be controlled.

[NL Series (Low Temperature Specified Model), Cool Air Drying System]
*Specification Table
CV-50NL CV-75NL CV-100NL CV-150NL CV-225NL CV-250NL CV-300NL
Dimension W x D x H ( cm) 150 x 85.5 x 245 170 x 85.5 x 245 220 x 85.5 x 245 260 x 95 x 245 270 x 125 x 260 270 x 130 x 265 270 x 143 x 265
Performance Dehumidifying Capability L/H 12 18 25 36 55 63 73
Power kW 9.45 14.15 19.3 26.05 32.15 36.0 46.0
Operating System Temperature Adjustment
Safety Device
Temperature Alarm
Drying operation ( 18 C -30 C)
Cooling operation ( 5 C) May vary by ± 0.5 C
High pressure switch and melting latch
* Assuming that temperature is 25 C and humidity 80% 60Hz.
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