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*How safe is the cool wind drying system?

Electricity is used for cooling and reheating instead of using the usual burner and thus, safety and cleanliness are guaranteed.

*How many years can a system last?

With proper care, compact size systems can last 15 years while medium and large sized systems can last up to 20 years.

*How much is the running cost of a system?

[In Japan]
Given that the usage is an average of 8 hours per day, 25 operation days per month,

CV-10ANc Approximately 6740 yen per month
CV-20AN (2 horsepower) Approximately 18500 yen per month
CV-30AN (3 horsepower) Approximately 22500 yen per month

* While warm air drying systems are affected by the environment, cool air drying systems are not. As water vapour is removed within the system, efficiency is enhanced.

*What do you mean by systems with movable unit?

Movable unit dimension (standard unit) 1160 x 666 x 1750H with 36 plastic trays.
(*Plastic tray (660 x 520 x 45))
You can customize the size of drying unit and horsepower according to the number of standard movable unit you use.

15 movable units System CV-150AN
30 movable units System CV-300AN

If you already have the movable units, the horsepower can be adjusted according to the drying room's layout.

*What is the size of a plastic tray?

The size of standard tray is 660mm x 250mm x 45mm.


CV-10AN (1horsepower) 10 pieces
CV-20AN (2horsepower) 48 pieces
CV-30AN (3horsepower) 72 pieces
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