Sun-baked and taken straight from the sea, that is how our drying culture came from. Along with the demand for high quality products, the ability to produce products of consistent quality has become more and more important. To produce products of superior quality, we specialize in research and development of various dried products with use of the latest methodology. We cater to the needs of all the dried products industries and strive to help improve productivity and stability.
Most suitable for drying fish products
Caters to the low-temperature drying in recent years
Produce high quality simmer-dried products
Most suitable for fresh food stores, supermarkets, hotels and souvenir shops
Best used for dried noodles (somen, soba, udon)

Asahi's cool-air dryer series allow you to control the temperature and humidity according to your precise needs. Products that are produce in the most suitable environment will be of higher quality and preserved for a longer period of time.
The originality of the ingredients will not change as the dryer series will not be affected by the different seasons of the year. The original flavour and color of the product will be consistent.
A synthesized high-efficiency control system enables energy saving and cut cost significantly.
Hand-operation is only needed to switch on the system. This enhances efficiency and it relieves you of the burden of smoke and fire as it is a sealed-up system. There is no need for worry about pollution and safety.
We use high-speed fans that other companies do not. Massive drying is made possible in short time.

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